A New Year's Challenge

A New Year's Challenge

Happy 2021 folks! 🎉

As we all know, many people like to start a new year reflecting on the year that just passed and setting new resolutions for how they will make productive changes moving forward. In the spirit of this long standing tradition, we've created a new year's challenge just for you!


Going forward into 2021, we challenge all of you to begin to be more aware of the effects the purchases you make have on the world around you and to do your best to select brands that use practices that are rooted in sustainability and the ethical treatment of their employees. In addition, we challenge you to review these brands' marketing campaigns and ensure they are inclusive towards all genders, races, shapes, and sizes.


Our resolution for this year is to help you accomplish this goal! We want to ensure you are set up for success when it comes to finding the right brands to support and understanding the complexity of conscious consumerism.

What will we do?

  1. Once a week, we will post information aimed at helping you to learn more about what it means to live a wholly sustainable, ethical, and inclusive consumer lifestyle.
  2. We will continue to research available brands that meet our brand guidelines and make them readily available to our customers to shop and learn about with ease. We will provide more information about our guidelines and why we believe they are important in our future blog posts.
  3. We will also continue to add gently used items to shop on our site to help ensure these items find a new home and prolong their life cycle! ♻️


Feel free to contact us and let us know how you are doing with this challenge. We're here to help if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for how we can make this initiative even better.


Until next time, stay informed, stay healthy, stay #intheloop!

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