Brand Guidelines

Each and every new brand we vet must meet at least 8 of these requirements before we consider bringing them into our inventory.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are meant for all of our new products; our second hand store is strictly meant for continuing the life cycle of our garments, but we make sure to also choose pieces we know will last a life time!

#1. All of our brands must be owned and/or operated to a significant degree by those who identify as female, transgender, or non-binary.

It is our responsibility as a retailer to provide a safe space for all designers to express themselves freely through their work and to support their endeavours. We want to encourage female, transgender, and non-binary artists to continue to create and thrive in the retail industry.

#2. Our brands reflect proper representation of different body shapes, sizes, and colours in their marketing campaigns as well as their staff.

Supporting designers that support all people is something we believe is imperative to the sustainable fashion movement.

#3. We believe that ethical pieces should be accessible.

We make sure to provide affordable every-day pieces for our customers that move beyond trends and will live in their homes timelessly and with purpose.

#4. All of our brands must have open-door policies about their ethical and sustainable practices.

This means that whatever claims they make about their factories, materials, and business practices must be able to be backed up with statistics, facts, and information that is readily available to their wholesale suppliers and customers. We also do our best to find designers that have been B-Corp, Fair Trade, Leaping Bunny, or otherwise certified by a legitimate organization.

#5. All of our pieces must contain more than 80% natural and/or biodegradable materials that are friendly to the environment.

We know how difficult it is to make pieces without certain fabrics, but we do our best to make sure that our clothing collection is as close to all-natural as humanly possible! You’re welcome Mother Earth

#6. Our clothing can not contain any Polyester, Acrylic, Viscose, or recycled plastic.

Although we support the idea of recycling plastics whenever possible, we want to provide our customers with pieces that will biodegrade efficiently and without harm to the environment at the end of their life cycle.

#7. All products we stock must be cruelty free.

Animals are an important part of our natural ecosystem and deserve as much respect as our fellow human beings. We do our best to choose vegan brands whenever possible, but those that aren’t will have to provide proof that they treat all living things with care.

#8. Our skincare can not contain any of the following:

Synthetic fragrances, parabens, alluminum, phthalates, glycols, petrochemicals, siloxanes, triclosan, SLS, SLES, PEG, DEA, MEA, TEA, or denatured alcohol. These ingredients have been proven to not only be harmful to the skin, but many are also very harmful to the environment.

#9. Our brand list must include at least 50% BIPOC designers and/or business owners.

We recognize the importance of supporting black, indigenous, and makers of colour. We respect and cherish the beauty and creativity that thrives in all different cultures and walks of life, and our products will reflect our brand's need for inclusive representation. 

#10. Our brands must be dedicated to educating their consumers about mindful buying practices and living a wholly sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

It's one thing for a brand to create a sustainable product. We want to ensure that our brands spend the time to teach their customers about the importance of shopping small, shopping local, and thinking about the impact all of their purchases will have on the future health of their communities and our planet.