Holistick is a Bali-inspired natural skincare and wellness brand that features exotic, island-inspired blends. We create 100% natural perfumes, botanical skincare and home wellness products that are plant-based, vegan and sustainable. We want to inspire your wanderlust spirit through simple self-care rituals. Holistick is a collection of our favourite plant-based ingredients, sourced from farms and countries that we love, and always includes a touch of who we are.


We are Tricia and Rebecca - two female entrepreneurs and best friends that come from a holistic nutrition and esthetician background.

We’ve always had a passion for beauty, health and helping others. Our goal is to create good-for-you and good-for-the-planet products that are clean, fun, beautiful and effective. We love sharing tips and tricks about beauty but also what it’s like to run a female-owned business.


We source many of our natural ingredients from around the world. We love incorporating floral, fruit and plant-based ingredients from our home countries in Asia into our products.

Most importantly, we love unique scents and high-quality ingredients. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. We also predominantly use glass or recycled paper packaging. As we grow, it is our goal to continue to improve our sustainability.

Every supplier has different certifications and we research what that entails. For example with fractionated coconut/MCT oil, a lot of the oil on the market is mixed with palm oil. We went with a supplier who is able to certify that our oil is 100% ECOCERT coconut.

With our prickly pear oil, we have a Moroccan supplier who works closely with women-ran co-ops. Prickly pear is a great fruit because it grows naturally in the desert and requires very little water to thrive. Almost all parts of the fruit can be used to create products - pulp for jam, seeds for oil, leaves for powders etc.

For our floral oils, our supplier in Indonesia chooses crops that are in season. There have been times where we were only able to get a limited amount of oil and we are totally okay with that.


Most of our products are made in small batches in Toronto, Canada. Our incense are hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia. As a business, creating in smaller batches ensures that our clients get fresh, quality-controlled products, and it is much less wasteful than mass-produced items. Also, we get to put love and positivity into all of our products!

Our incense are handmade by a family of artisans in Bali. They are made in their village, outdoors - not factories. You can check out a little behind-the-scenes of video how they are made here!

We have a pretty close relationship with this particular family and to be honest, we've always paid them exactly what they asked for!


Giving back has always been our passion. A percentage of each sale is donated to the Borneo Nature Foundation.

Giving back to nature is important as most of our products are also made with ingredients from nature. The Borneo Nature Foundation helps to plant and restore rainforests affected by illegal logging and deforestation. They also protect Borneo’s vanishing wildlife and forest from illegal hunting and forest fires. Lastly, they create community-led initiatives that include anti-logging patrols, firefighters, environmental education and the restoration of damaged forests.

Fun fact: it is one of the foundations that Leonardo DiCaprio supports!