Kara Yoo


Kara Yoo began in 2012 with a minimal, clean aesthetic focused on wearability and thoughtful material choices. All of our jewelry is designed by Kara and most pieces are hand crafted in-house with responsibly sourced and recycled materials.

Growing up with immigrant parents from Korea that juggled several businesses, Kara was inspired to create a business that was true to herself and her passions.

Kara started making jewelry in high school with the help of her sister. She attended university and majored in business and furthered her studies in a two year jewelry program. Kara started selling her pieces in 2012.


We are a POC woman-led company with an all female team. Meet the women behind the brand:

Grace, studio manager - Grace handles order fulfillment, production management, and photography for our lookbooks and lifestyle imagery. 

Elfie, maker - Elfie makes the entire line of jewellery and also has her own brand, Runeseed!

Serena, maker - Helps produce their line, as well as make prototypes. When she isn't working at Kara Yoo, she is teaching how to make jewellery at a local college.

Leah, social marketing manager - She is in charge of their social media channels and is also a model for Stranger Agency in Vancouver.

Kara - She is the founder and owner of Kara Yoo. She designs and helps make the prototypes, as well as business development, and anything else you can think of!


Kara Yoo uses:
  • 100% recycled sterling silver
  • 80% recycled gold
  • Hypoallergenic nickle-free brass
  • Upcycled and vintage gemstones and pearls

We purchase our metal from Rio Grande which is a supplier in the USA.

Almost all of the metals purchased are manufactured in the USA from recycled metals. Most of our findings are also made in the USA. Some of our necklace chains are made in Italy.

Our freshwater pearls are genuine and from Asia. It is difficult to trace exactly which country they are from as the pearls are often sold many times in the supply chain before they reach us.

We have some glass beads in our previous collections some of which are vintage.


We handcraft all of our pieces in our studio in Vancouver, Canada! 🇨🇦

We use cyanide-free gold plating solution and dispose of studio chemicals properly. We pay fair wages to our employees and contractors.


Kara's team has worked with Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland in the past and plan to look for more organizations and charities to support in 2021!