Pana Mina


PANA MINA is a slow fashion brand inspired by nature. All pieces are ethically made in Jaipur, India using sustainable materials.


Jay and Ellie - Founders/Owners

We met in Goa as 20-something travelers, but our journey as business partners began when Jay's mother took us shopping for Diwali outfits at her local tailor. The place was stacked high with brightly colored garments, each one handmade with incredible attention to detail.

The two of us had been brainstorming how we could merge our cultures into a social enterprise, and that day it clicked. Apparel artisanship in India is unparalleled- combined with sustainability practices, we could create beautiful and progressive clothing.

Later that evening, we ventured to one of Jaipur's hidden gems, Panna Meena ka Kund. As we sat on a stone bench overlooking the geometric, ancient step well, we dreamt out loud our perfect clothing brand: timeless, inclusive, high quality, ethical. We wanted to create a brand that celebrates, rather than hides, its products' country of origin. Little did we know, Pana Mina was already on its way to becoming a reality.

These days, we live in Jaipur, India (Jay's hometown), a city rich with heritage and textile craft. We can say with confidence that we are involved in every step of the Pana Mina creation process, and truly built this business from the ground up. 


When initially selecting fabrics, we narrow it down to a handful of low-impact, plant-based materials. We primarily use Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton, modal, and deadstock (leftover fabric from local mills and production houses).

Our new fabrics are sourced from a local, toxic chemical-free fabric mill owned by our friend, Lakshay. Our deadstock fabrics are sourced from a supplier in Jaipur's "Sikar House" neighborhood. We select each fabric in-person.

Our fabrics are dyed in small batches (20 meters at a time) from Jaipur's B.M. Dyers, an artisan shop, to reduce waste. The dyes are low impact and contain no toxic chemicals. Leftover water-based dye is disposed of in the appropriate sewer or septic drains.

In addition, all materials are vegan. No fur, leather, down, horn, angora, animal skin, wool, silk, or animal hair.

We spend time testing our fabrics to ensure quality and performance. Pana Mina never sacrifices sustainability for style or function.


Our Jaipur-based production house pays their talented tailors 2-3 times the fair and living wage, ensuring that they can support their families and live comfortably. We (the founders) live in Jaipur, and can therefore personally visit our production house several times per week to drop off our fabrics, observe production, and check in with the tailors.

When sourcing new fabric, we buy directly from a traditional, local fabric mill. We can confirm a living wage throughout our supply chain, down to the fabric production/treatment level.

Pana Mina ensures that no child labor or forced labor occurs. Our production house is a safe and clean facility. Our tailors are given flexible schedules, and are free to request days off from their manager, Irfan. All workers have the right to join a union.